Most of the time it takes accessories to get that necessary finished look. Of course my Designer purses are a NECESSARY ACCESSORY. Many of my purses have multi-colored flowers on them so you can carry your purse with many different colored outfits. Some purses are into the warm colors and some are into the cool colors. If you know what season (the category based on the reflection from the undertones of your skin) you are or if you are simply warm or cool, it will be easy to pick a purse color. I do 'Color Analysis" in my salon and have a video out so you can do yourself and others. This way you would know what colors you should be wearing that makes you look your best. Then your purse will coordinate with most of the colors you should be wearing. It's truly very basic and 'right up my alley'. This comes from over 50 years experience. When you are done matching the NECESSARY ACCESSORIES, you will CO-ORDINATE.

Check out the following NECESSARY ACCESSORIES:

DESIGNER HAIR WRAPS: The type of hair wraps we used to do, were wrapped right into the hair and stayed until they were destroyed within a short time. My Designer Hair Wraps will last a long time because you can remove them at night or when shampooing your hair. Or you can put them in your hair like a piece of jewelry to go with certain outfits. Depending on hair length, I suggest attaching behind an ear or about two inches above an ear or from the crown and down the back of the head. Of course, you can wear more than one at a time. If necessary, you can cover the attachment with your own hair or a barrette of some type. Some are made on a barrette. Some are wrapped on hair, which makes it a slimmer, more delicate Hair Wrap. Others are wrapped on various yarn textures; creating different styles of denser Wraps. These are for ALL ages. They can be fun or elegant. They can be designed in school colors for homecomings, games or school. Or wear for a special party. I have hundreds of various charms to personalize your hair wrap. Such as; sporty, religious, names, love, good luck, Oriental, Egyptian, Peruvian, African, Mexican, Indian, American, dancers, female, musical, angels, nautical, baby, graduation, etc. in silver, pewter, gem stones, ceramics, glass, enameled, hand painted wood, hand carved bone, etc. Simply email me or call me with your thoughts and I will pull out what I think will work. I will email you as to what is available and the prices and you decide what you would like. Remember, these are personalized for you or for the person you are having the Designer Hair Wrap made for.

Check out the pictures of some of our DESIGNER HAIR WRAPS.

DESIGNER COMBS: These are a very different accessory for the hair that can be customized for you personally. The combs will hold 10 bead spaces with various colors available or letters for your name or whatever. Less spaces are available for sport balls, such as football, soccer, basketball, baseball, or smiley faces, etc. The zig-zag braids are available in deep black, off black, brownish black, dark brown, dark terra cotta, dark mahogany brown and warm golden brown. These colors are suppose to be an accent to your hair, not match your hair. I think you will have to check out the pictures to see what I am talking about. We will add to the pictures as more combs are created.

Check out the pictures of some of our DESIGNER COMBS.

FLOWERED BARRETTES: The Designer Flowered Barrettes are usually ordered to match their Flower Power Purse or Flower Girls Basket or Boutonniere. You can order just the Flowered Barrett, but it is much more fashionable to have it match something.

Check out the pictures of some of our FLOWERED BARRETTES.

BOUTONNIERES: The Designer Boutonnieres are usually ordered to match something else. Such as his dates Flower Power Purse or Designer Flowered Barrett. They can be designed with the particular flower, leaves or no leaves, whatever extra design is in the match, such as a circle of tiny pearls or a string of crystals.

Check out the pictures of some of our DESIGNER BOUTONNIERES.

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