Gloria BellGloria Bell, the designer of FLOWER POWER Purses, lives in Las Vegas. She is the owner of SINCERELY YOURS Beauty Salon, where she works alone.

I, Gloria, graduated from high school (Highland High) three months into my 17th birthday and immediately went to Beauty School in Hammond, IN. Way back then, cosmetologists were called beauticians.

Within a year of graduating from Beauty School, I married. Since I wasn’t allowed to go to Modeling School when I graduated from high school, I attended Patricia Stevens Modeling School when my husband was sent overseas after three months of marriage. Actually, I never finished the schooling, because they had me out on jobs and teaching at the school before completion. I was also working in a beauty salon. After 37 years of marriage, I divorced and moved to Vegas 11 years ago.

Over the years, as a new technique came out, I would learn it. Whether I continued to use that technique is a different story. If I don’t continuously learn new things, I get ‘burned out’. Since I’ve done hair for over 50 years, there’s been many chances for ‘burnout’. My expertise in the salon is hair color and LOC-in hair extensions. There are three salon web sites:
Gloria has other websites you may find of interest to you:


Now I’m making these darling purses and still working in the salon. This began because I wanted a purse like this. I’m very creative, artistic and particular. If you purchase one of these purses, I hope you enjoy it. I’m certainly enjoying mine.

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