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We're always adding more purses and such, so check with us often. No two items are exactly alike. Many of these purses are still available for purchase; but the pictures are also to give you ideas on what to custom order, which is available.

Most of the purses can be used for whatever reason you would like to carry them. The purses may be used for evenings, daytime, brides, bridesmaids, communion, dances, holiday parties, Mother's Day, gifts for any reason or just to feel special and lift your spirits. Watch as we add Designer Purses, Computer Bags, iPad Totes, Kindle Totes and Mobile Phone Carriers.

I must admit, they are a lot of fun to carry. It's amazing the comments you'll receive from perfect strangers, women, men and children.

Pricing: It takes approximately three or four hours to make a FLOWER POWER Purse. As you can see from my pricing, most of my price is for supplies. Prices average between $60-160. It depends on the price of the supplies used. The NECESSARY ACCESSORIES start at $11 and go as far as you like with custom orders of charms and other fancy/smancy stuff.

Just as live flowers are very delicate, so are my flowered purses. I make them as secure as I know how and have personally tested my own, over and over.

I am always looking for different styles and colors of my 'base' purse when they are available. The silk brocades are lovely because of the gorgeous designs in the silk that shows where the flowers are not present.

Most of the flowers are silk or velvet. I use many different kinds of flowers, including: roses, zinnias, chrysanthemums, carnations, irises, lilies, pansies, gladiolas, asters, tulips, daisies and peonies. There are red flowers, pink flowers, purple flowers, white flowers, black flowers, yellow flowers, orange flowers, blue flowers, beige flowers, and multi-colored flowers.

Some of the purses have flowers on the front and back or all around. We're only showing pictures of the fronts. Email me to send you a picture of the back of any purse that has flowers on both sides that you would like to see.

These purses have been cleansed of negative energy. 
The crystal inside has been cleansed and is sending out positive energy.

Please enter the product price within the shopping cart plus shipping: Priority USPS
$9.90 add $4.50 for each additional purse. If in Las Vegas area, you may pick up. Order three or more at one time and I will deliver them in Las Vegas.

FREE SHIPPING on orders of $450 or more within USA

Call me, Gloria Bell, at my salon for info or to order:
520-441-4444 or my cell 702-496-1614

You may pick from the Flower Garden from what's available or, since I am small, you may Custom Order with whatever I have available in supplies.

The following will give me an idea if you have something in mind:

  • Color of 'base' purse
  • Flower colors
  • Flower Power on one or two sides (ex. if zipper on one side, usually no flowers)
  • XTRAS such as: pearls, beads, lace or other fancy/smancy stuff



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