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Rhonda Kay VanLandingRhonda Kay VanLanding of Studio 36 in Phoenix, Arizona was my friend for many years. We ‘hit it off’ the first time we met and had a lot of the same interests and beliefs. She passed over in August of 2015 after fighting cancer for five years and was only 47 years of age. She was an amazing woman and I will miss her.

Her main interest in life was hair and extensions. She was the most knowledgeable barber and hair dresser I have ever known when it came to extensions and hair. We worked on stage together showing cosmetologists Euro-locs and Hella’s Hair extensions, what I now call LOC-ins. One late evening, after working a very long day, we ate our cold hamburgers and named my extension website:    AddictedToHairExtensions.com   

We searched many hair suppliers for the perfect extension hair and found one. When that supplier fell through after years, Rhonda continued in her search. She left drawers and drawers of gorgeous extension hair in all lengths and colors.

Rhonda was very particular about the hair she used. Each order she received would be shampooed and conditioned and tested to her strict categories of quality. This exquisite hair is now available for purchase by weight and discounted for Professionals and Salons that work with extensions. Once you see the quality of the hair with your first purchase, you will be ordering more before it is no longer available.

As a professional doing extensions for over 20 years, I always wanted extra hair available for the client that needed a little ‘something else’ for the perfect compliment to her overall look. I have placed as many as six different colors in a mixture on a full head of extensions, not counting the Fun Hair Colors. Many complimenting colors looks more ‘natural’.

Some of the hair is “RAW” for the salon that likes to create their own extension type. Otherwise, most of the hair is I tip, as used in Euro-locs and LOC-ins and other names. If you do not do this type of extensions, classes are available with me in Las Vegas. It will be a full day and you will not leave until I know you can go to your salon and do this ‘non-damaging’ type of hair extensions. Come to Las Vegas, learn a new money making system and use it for a tax write off.  

More info:   http://www.ebooksforbeautyandhealth.com/a2he/private_education/  or email me for complete info on the Private Education:  sincerelyyourslv@mac.com

I have gone through all of the hair and it is beautiful. 
This is various European Hairs, definitely NO thicker Oriental strands.
All of it is Remy hair and much of it is Double-drawn. 
Most bundles are 25 or 50 strands each. Some are loose hair re-bundled.
RAW Hair or I Tips
Most of the hair is Virgin

When Rhonda and I ordered hair together, it was always a mixture of European hair and never Asian. I see no reason for her to have changed her thoughts or method of hair type in recent years. For me, the hair feels European with luster, softness and movement.

This hair has a tight cuticle intact for a stronger strand. All strands are laying in the same direction to prevent snarling up together. 

Double-drawn means just that; there aren’t a bunch of stringy ends in the bundle where they measured the longest strand to give you a length and there’s short strands throughout. Double-drawn is much more expensive because they do ‘hand raking’ to remove the shorter strands. None of our prices are priced for double drawn. If you receive double drawn hair in your pound, you've received a fantastic deal.

This is not the type of hair that may last 30-90 days. Treated properly, it could go for 12-24 months with maintenance for growth. The integrity of this hair is amazing.

There are various weights for the strands in different bundles. You will be purchasing an overall weight for a particular length that will be stated for the purchase price and mostly One Pound weights that will weigh in at more.

Extensions may be used for highlight or lowlights or accent strands. I did one lady who’s sides wouldn’t grow. So, we put in extensions until her own sides were long enough. They’ve also come in with short broken off areas from glue type extension (and there are many of those damaging types). Then you can fill in the area or do the full head and watch the damaged area grow. They can be used to make the clients hair look a little longer or a lot longer. Or, maybe they just want some volume. How about that asymmetrical look. Granted, most want volume and length; but there are bunches that can be done with extensions.

Maintenance can be done every month or the whole head can be done in three months. After that amount of time, you are asking for problems.

I have bundled the hair for Professional Extension Cosmetologists and Salons. They are bundled by weight, length and color-variable. The hair is amazing as are the prices. The prices are better than ordering 20kg from a supplier of European hair in Asia and you won’t have the fear that the 20kg is ‘bad’ hair.

Please understand the experience of putting this hair together. I’m in Las Vegas and three trips to Phoenix, with my car, to have it all in one place, which is stacked in boxes and trays and bags in my once, spare bedroom, that has no floor space now. ha If I lived in a warehouse, I could have spread it all out and organized it. When I would think I have all of the 12” blonde hair, inevitably, later on, I would find 12” blonde hair in the 16” blonde hair.

Sometimes there would be a little bundle of shorter hair than what I was organizing that matched in hair color. I will just leave it with the longer and not count it in weight. Consider it extra. It could be top of the head hair for volume.

Or there may be a few different colors in a re-bundled bundle. Those are extra accent strands.

I tried to bundle 50 or 100 or 200 of the same color in a bundle. The bundles usually have colors that work with each other. Such as, all cool or all warm or accent colors.

The wavy, curly and very curly hair will be bundled together. Sometimes all of the other hair bundles may have some slightly wavy hair in them. This slight wave works well with straight hair and curly hair. I’ve always liked working with a very slight wave.

Another suggestion: I always work with Redken CAT when working with extensions. It’s protein without oil. I apply with it and remove residue with it. If there are bent hairs from the rubber bands, just spray on some CAT and smooth down with your finger. When dry, the hair will be perfectly fine.

Also, as I said before, Rhonda conditioned all the hair when checking it. Sometimes she didn’t get all of the conditioner out near the top of the bundles where they are sewn or banded together. If you receive some hair that is very stiff in that area, simply hold that end of the bundles and rinse the connected strands area, for quite some time. Soak up moisture with a towel and let dry over night, laid out flat.

This hair is bundled for the Salon or Cosmetologist that has or wants to have a cliental of extension clients with a stock of various colors and lengths of gorgeous extension hair.

Please email at the following address with any questions. I have many addresses besides the salons Extension and Makeover areas. I do speaking for my book, “Healing Yourself Made Simple”, make Flowered Power Purses for stress relief, and help others with their stress release with SAVING, INSURING, DIVERSIFYING and EARNING GOLD (in their hand). sincerelyyourslv@mac.com




I would suggest, you call or email me before placing your order 
to verify what you like is still available.
There may be 15 of some items and only one of another.

sincerelyyourslv@mac.com      520-441-4444

Blonde hair extensions

Multi color hair extensions

TUBES (Shells): For every $1800 or more order, receive 5,000 tubes (shells) of various colors and sizes, while supplies last.

Shipping will be USPS Priority Mail with Tracking and Insurance to USA. Contact me for other countries. sincerelyyourslv@mac.com
Add $17 for each 6 pounds or less of hair ordered.

I TIP (Stick) EXTENSION STRANDS (all Remy & some double-drawn):

To give you an idea: In one pound of I Tips, there are approximately 1,000-1,100 strands in 12” hair, 900-1,000 strands in 16” hair and 800-900 strands in 20” hair. These were not skimpy strands that I counted.

1…8-10” Various colors I Tips…5 oz. …$50.00
Great for top sides and back area with tapered extension styles.

10-12” Various colors I Tips…1 pound…$150.00

10” I Tips….8.4 oz…..$ 94.00
12” I Tips…1 pound…$175.00
14” I Tips…1 pound…$210.00
16” I Tips…1 pound…$275.00
18” I Tips…1 pound…$325.00
20” I Tips…1 pound…$375.00
22” I Tips…1 pound…$400.00
24” I Tips…1 pound…$435.00

10” I Tips…1 pound…$173.00
12” I Tips…1 pound…$195.00
14” I Tips…1 pound…$233.50
16” I Tips…1 pound…$305.00
18” I Tips…1 pound…$360.00
20” I Tips…1 pound…$415.00
22” I Tips…1 pound…$442.50
24” I Tips…1 pound…$481.00

10” I Tips…1 pound…$155.00
12” I Tips…1 pound…$175.00
14” I Tips…1 pound…$210.00
16” I Tips…1 pound…$275.00
18” I Tips…1 pound…$325.00
20” I Tips…1 pound…$375.00
22” I Tips…1 pound…$400.00
24” I Tips…1 pound…$435.00

RAW (Bulk) HAIR (all Remy & some double-drawn):

2 lb. 10” Blondish…$163
2 lb. 12” Blondish…$207
2 lb. 14” Blondish…$257
2 lb. 16” Blondish…$306
2 lb.  24-26” Blonde…$504

2 lb. 12” Reddish & Blondish…$195
2 lb. 12” Reddish Brown…$185
2 lb. 14” Reddish Blondish…$240
2 lb. 16” Reddish…$275
2 lb. 18” Red & Blonde…$330
2 lb. 20” Red & Blonde…$375
2 lb. 22” Red…$410

2 lb. 10-12” Brown…$155
2 lb. 12” Brown…$185

2 lb. 12-16” Reds & Oranges…$245
2 lb. 10” Reds, Oranges, Blues, Greens…$185
2 lb. 12” Orangey Browns…$230
1-14oz. 20” Hombre’ #1 to pink, red, blonde…$317

Other weights than 2 pounds and only one of each:
1-2 lb. 14 oz. 16-20” Blondes…$443
1-2 lb. 5 oz. 22” Blondes…$508
1-2 lb. 4 oz. 22” Blondes…$493
1-1 lb. 15 oz. 24-26” Blondes…$469
1-1 lb. 6 oz. 28” Blonde(#24)…$370
1-1 lb. 6 oz. 32” Blonde(#24)…$450
1-1 lb. 14 oz. 24” Red…$411
1-10 oz. 30” Brown(#6)…$170
1-3 lb. 10-12” Black & Brown…$189
1-2 lb. 8 oz. 12” Black & Brown…$201
1-2 lb. 3 oz. 12” Browns & 10” Orangey Brown…$144
1-2 lb. 11-18” Maroon Brown Wavy…$171
1-1 lb. 14 oz. 16-18” Brown (some wavy)…$246
1-3 lb. 6 oz. 20” Brown…$578
1-2 lb. 22” Brown…$386
1-2 lb. 8 oz. 22” Brown…$484
1-2 lb. 6 oz. 22” Brown…$461
1-2 lb. 9 oz. 22” Brown & Black…$497 

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