My life theme is ‘humanitarian’, which I’ve tried to do by helping others to be beautiful and feel good about themselves. I have been in the beauty business since I was 17. My Private Salon (SINCERELY YOURS) now specializes in the latest, least damaging hair extensions (LOC-ins), hair color corrections and makeovers that teaches the client how to maintain at home. It was my way of helping people at the time and still is.

Since the loss of my son, Dustin, I have been searching for many answers; one being “What is my purpose?” Sylvia Browne told me I was to write, which I am doing in health books and in the future beauty books. I am also suppose to teach and overcome.

My ‘overall’ goal is REVERSING AGING & DISEASE by making everyone healthier with a better Quality of Life. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY POSSIBLE! First we have to change our way of thinking away from what has been drummed into us repeatedly over our life time. We were not meant to die of old age with pain and disease and a poor quality of life. Let’s fix that together.

To Reverse our Aging & Disease, we have to deal with our three Bodies (Medical, Energy, Cellular) by treating our three Bodies for healing. This health website has many pages to help you understand what we are all about and how we can heal ourselves.

I am always available for questions. Leave a message through email: sincerelyyourslv@mac.com

* The first page is Energy Healing. There is a video on it that will explain some of the basics of our health. There is also an explanation of the Healing procedures available in my Private Salon. To be put in my Long Distance Energy Healing Book, send your name (as listed on your birth certificate) and the city and state you live in to me.


* The ZP page is an explanation of how Energy, Frequencies and Vibrations affect our bodies. Especially how the Clearing of Emotional Trauma Memories in our cells can be the first step to healing. The Healing Home Parties are also described on this page.


* The page for positively Reversing your Aging is about the Miracle of our Time. The FDA does not allow us to say what miracles are actually happening. But, you should know by now that telomeres are the time clocks at the end of your DNA. Longer telomeres mean better health. Shorter ones mean faster aging. A poor lifestyle, energy blockages, unbalanced energy frequencies and emotional trauma memories cause faster shortening of your telomeres. When you have enough critically short telomeres, the game’s over because you have permanent cell damage. Critically short telomeres puts you at a higher risk for chronic diseases and sends your health on a downward spiral.

This Miracle of our Time has the exact nutrients to help support and rebuild your telomeres. You can actually get younger FAST. You can increase your lung power, brain power and heart strength among other things. By preventing your telomeres from getting shorter or making them longer, you program your body to create younger cells. You are Reversing Your Aging for a better Quality of Life!


* If you have watched the video on the Energy Healing page, you will understand the importance of creating an alkaline body. After much research, I believe I have found the products I need to make an alkaline life easier.


* "Healing Yourself Made Simple” is a reference type book to help you learn different modalities for healing yourself for a better quality of life now and in the future. It covers the Medical Body, Energy Body and Cellular Body; all of which need to be addressed for healing.


*Gloria Would like to offer help in your healing endeavors thru PRIVATE COACHING, GROUP SPEAKING, FUND RAISING, 3 DAY HEALING PROGRAM and FINANCIAL INSURANCE. www.ebooksforbeautyandhealth.com/present/

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